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I just subscribed (July 24) and there are still major problems. I've been a Mac user for over 15 years, but this is the worst Apple product I've ever seen. Just syncing two Macs for calendars and contacts didn't work. I'd get double or triple of each calendar event. I'd fix it and it would return. The same for contacts. I'd be asked over and over which contact I wanted and both were almost always exactly the same. When I turned on iDisk my Mac crashed. When I turned it off it crashed. Even canceling it didn't work, the Apple guy admitted when I had to called to cancel. He slipped a bit by telling me that they had very large amounts of people canceling, and processing this could take 24 hours, but they admitted its only 3 or 4 hours now. (Although it doesn't sound like the volume of cancels has slowed.)

I hate to be mean, but I think Apple needs to do a full investigation into why this product was released in its current state. The Apple of recent certainly is not testing its products like it has done in the past.



We really ought to get a credit. I reply on .mac...excuse me, I mean Windows Me... that is to say MobileMe syncing and it's been buggered for days now :-(


Frog blast the vent core!



After an 18 minute wait to get an agent in an on-line chat, I was able to get some information as to the current status of Mobile Me at 5:30 PM Eastern. So here's what I know:


The only service that's working now (according to the agent) is Mail. All other services are down. In addition, there was a software update that was prematurely pushed via Software Update yesterday. So if anyone managed to download that (like I did on one of my Macs), it may or may not be a valid update. Supposedly, the correct Mobile Me Software Update will be pushed automatically as soon as their current situation is resolved. There will also be a stand-alone update available on the Apple Download page on the Apple website.


There was no ETA for getting Mobile Me up and running, nor will there be any compensation for the down-time. I was instructed to read my .Mac Terms and Conditions for further reference, but was pointed in the direction of "service interruptions to to service updates". In other words, don't get your hopes up for a credit on next year's subscription or Apple bucks.


This has got to be a huge PR disaster for Apple. I'm just slightly annoyed; I can imagine between this and the iPhone issues today, Apple has one heck of a black eye.

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