MobileMe Users Being Enticed to OS X Lion with Free Snow Leopard Offer



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I don't understand what the complaint is? If your Mac is too old to be supported by Lion, of course you need to stay on Snow Leopard. If you never went from Leopard to Snow Leopard, well your MobileMe parting gift is the update.

You are not losing anything you paid for. Your subscription to MobileMe was already extended for free, and now the service is being shut down.

Where is all of this vitriol coming from?



Well, I'm not dripping with it but I am annoyed. I have an extensive Apple presence here at home (2 desktops, 3 Macbooks, a couple terabytes of storage, 2 iphones, 2 iPads and a couple ipods) and we practice extensive reuse. So my 9 year old G5 went to my wife, I got my daughter's Macbooks, etc. A 4 year old Macbook that can't run Lion, and frankly I'm not in a position to upgrade everyone every 2 years. That's an old Windows trick... . Anyway, the problem is in several areas. First, there appear to be no technical reasons for the requirement. If you look long enough, you can find instructions on the Apple support site to access their limited support for pre-lion IOS.

Why is this a big deal? Sync. I have an iPhone and an iPad and the story was that I would be unable to sync accounts after moving to iCloud. That's dumb beyond belief, that I could do it with 10 year old XP but not with the latest but one version of OSX! Then, with everything Apple saying that I was SOL without replacing hardware I dug a few days and discovered I could continue to sync my devices quite nicely. I just wouldn't receive much instruction or support.

So it's not that there's no support, it's that we were all given bad information. It's the first major problem I have had with Apple in 20 years. I hope this is an aberration, not an indicator of things to come.



Winski, I'm with you 100%

I'm tired of hearing you brag about how much money you make year after year You spiting in my face. I was told oh you'll be fine . Well some of that really nice money you made. I f-ing spent!. I stand behind you product ,but I'm done bending over . It's time you taste your own medicine. You need to fix this issue IMO! Not me for once. I cant even afford a new cord for my phone, and on top of that. Your taking back Apps. I paid for now? I would love to hear a solution to you trying to rob loyal customers. where i live it wrong, but hell you just put people like myself out of work. I'm calling you out on this one. You wanna build some big what? Lion sucks .I love my snow, and it B.S of you ,and you small you know to make us. There goes my house ,and car. For what? The love of what I
have for great technology. You rich folks need to understand life isn't grand for the real working man,and women Oh my Apple got hacked by the way. I want whomever to know they do ,and quit using it as a sales pitch. you have my address fix these issues please.

Thanks again for giving use the yearly shaft




Papa bear is offering to UPGRADE all the older Macs out in the wild to Snow Leopard to get everyone on a platform that's 'close' to reality of the hardware that's 'current'... THEN, as a VERY FIRST STEP of the process to move over to iCloud, the VERY FIRST THING that Papa Bear wants these folks to do is UPGRADE TO LION???


I stayed on SL because you ass-clowns told me that my Mac didn't have enough horsepower to run Lion. NOW, you want folks with hardware OLDER THAN MINE to upgrade to Lion?? Are you people nuts?? Steve was right.. you clowns SHOULD be ashamed of yourselves.. this plan is lunacy ...

You OWE your user base a plan - not a meat grinder... idiotic.

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