Monday Recap: Best Buy TV Survey, Siri Hardware, AT&T Throttling Unlimited Data



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Well, I am not that surprised nor am i loyal in anyway whatsoever to ATT. I have UVERSE, I have 3 phones on ATT and I have phone and broadband.

The broadband is premium 18mb which is suppose to be over at least 13mb. It rarely has exceeded 5mb. hours and weeks have gone by, nice enough techs and people have come to my door and nothing has changed and no further action is taken unless I go through at least an hour of phone banks to get someone to come back out and do really nothing. No apologies and no results.

UVERSE really was a scam sale and a lot of people took the bait and were left with services that were not ready for prime time and certainly not what was sold. When I was offered a one year of HBO to resolve all the deceptive practices that I was forced to endure. I took it and I got about a week of HBO before they stopped that bit and when I spent an hour trying to get a response. NOTHING BUT more passing the buck.

On the phone side the effort to push me out of my unlimited plan an into a data plan that will most certainly run up tabs. I am moving to Sprint. ATT eventually will be another GM motor. Planned obsolescence and lobbying with all the money they make to ensure competition is stiffled and they get some pseudo monopoly that ensure profits without competing, improving or creating an relationship with customers that makes them loyal and desirous of their success. I feel nothing for this company or what the stand for. an incredible contrast to Apple Computer which has been carrying ATT mobile for several years now and they are so arrogant they do not even seem like they acknowledge that customer care is important. Arrogant monopolies will not have a future. Change or Die ATT, so what your big and have lots of money...all the means is the death will be slower.

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