More iPhone 5c Units Sold Than Samsung Galaxy S5 After Latter's May UK Launch



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Grant McKenzie

I really don't understand why the iPhone 5c isn't as popular as the 5s - it is the perfect phone for so many people: great colours, light and sturdy, excellent screen and durability. It also feels great in the hand. I'm surprised that this isn't the must-have phone for teenagers, especially.
People may have been turned off by the connotation of "plastic" casing, but it really does feel great. The 5s has the fingerprint scanner, which will definitely become more important with the release of iOS8, but there are many "techo-reluctant" people (such as my wife) who would never use that feature. To me, it was a no-brainer to buy my wife the 5c - and she absolutely loves it. My 4S and I are jealous :)

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