More MobileMe Woes for Airport Extreme and Time Capsule Users



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Imagine Engine

I still cannot see my Time Capsule in OS X Leopard 10.5.6 Finder window when tethering my MacBook to a smartphone. The service supposedly needs Back to My Mac to work but I get a red indicator in BTMM stating I'm not connected to the internet even though I'm surfing on Safari and accessing email through Mail.



Mine works fine. I am able to access not only the USB Hard Drive but the computers like my Macbook Pro, and iMac from any wifi spot.



I have it working on my Airport Extreme with firmware v 7.4.1.
I didn't have to do anything in particular and am happy to share my ABS settings with you if it helps you troubleshoot.

I am able to access all of the files on the USB drive attached to the ABS both on my home airport network (obviously) as well as from my work network. I can even access the iTunes music folder that is on my home network from work. Both upload and download speeds are pretty decent considering my connection at home is over DSL.




i cant get back to my mac to work i already tried the nat settings



7.4.1 is the Latest Firmware version for the AirPort Extreme. 5.4.1 is the latest version of the AirPort Utility application (two different things).

I've gotten the process to work correctly. I was able to access a USB attached drive to my AirPort Extreme while traveling with my MacBook Pro. While away, the attached USB drive at my house was listed (as promised) in the shared section of the Finder Window.

After entering the needed password I was able to access and launch a movie file that was stored on the attached drive at my house. It opened the file an started to play the movie on my laptop - unfortunately the movie wouldn't play well over the internet (during the opening credits the file eventually froze).

Regardless... it worked for me by allowing me access to my files at home.



Drive will appear, but cannot connect to access files. Appears in Airport utility as well.



The most recent update to AirPort Utility on Apple's site lists ver. 5.4.1 Am I missing something or is the 7.4.1 referenced in this article a typo?


Roberto Baldwin

I added a link to the firmware download page for better clarification.

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