Morning Report: Microsoft Goes on Offensive, Apple University Profiled



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You are incredibly deluded Nemesis4670 ( nice handle btw) Why are you coming to MacLife to make comments to support MS ?
You should write a column for Maximum PC ...
Are you aware that the Surface ( great name, very creative) is actually not being bought , over the various models of the iPad ?
Look around buddy , maybe YOU are the one with your head in your butt !
MS will always lose money and throw it down a deep abyss because they just want to copy Apple !
Apple is here to stay , they make better products
Yea, im an Apple Fanboy, and proud of it.
I use better stuff than you .
Enjoy your Surface Pro , it'll be in landfill in 1 month.




to bad 60% of those specs are to run the system processes... vs. OS X only needs 20% max... and that means MAC > PC for the 69th time...

Is there a person on earth who is not a Microsoft loyalist and money is not a factor that would choose windows? NO!



If anything you're an Apple loyalist. The Surface Pro is ridiculously fast and also offers Intel Core i7 option now. Windows 8.1 is very smooth and the touchscreen option is very helpful. They fixed any issues from the previous Surface tablets and there's now backlit keyboards that add extra battery life to the tablet. It's a beautiful device and well worth the money. People pay a premium for Apple products for the same conceited reasons.

Not everyone likes the Mac OS so you need to get your head out of your butt.

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