Mountain Lion Makes the Retina MacBook Pro Even Better



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I agree with jescott418 that the price hike is far too steep for what you're getting. Regardless of how good the screen is, I don't think the $2300 base price can justify the laptop.

However I do agree with you about a unified OS. Microsoft is doing it, and with the added features of iOS in Mountain Lion it's clear to see that Apple is following suit. But I must point out a mistake. You said "by OS X 10.10". That's actually 10.1, which is nearly 11 years old now.


Michael Simon

Hey, you're right. So how would I write that? 10-point-10? 10.X? XI?



OK having been to a Apple store and witness first hand how a retina Macbook Pro looks. I can honestly say I would not buy one for the extra money it costs. Now if it was a $100 bump over a standard macbook pro I would maybe consider it. But when you factor in you better pay for those RAM upgrades and SSD upgrades up front because the Macbook Pro now has no ability of user upgrades. I think the costs far exceed the practical nature of a laptop these days. I never thought the retina was such a great deal for a iPad but at least it never added to the original costs of a iPad. I am not sure why it adds so much to a Macbook Pro? But I imagine its the added hardware in graphics and CPU that is required. For me Apple made a laptop that only the 1% can afford. Is Apple going back to servicing only the affluent people of the world? Who knows? But I don;t think Apple can increase sales of Mac's by introducing models like the retina Macbook Pro.


Michael Simon

I get what you're saying, but when you factor in the RAM and HD upgrages (4GB to 8GB; serial to SSD), the difference in price isn't nearly so dramatic. I think Apple did a good job with loading up the retina MacBook, so it's more than just the screen you're paying extra for.

And until you've used it for more than a few minutes, you really can't appreciate just how incredible it is.

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