Mountain Lion Woes? OS X 10.8.1 on the Way to Fix What Ails You



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Mac Mail is rubbish. Several times every day all the contents of my inbox completely disappear. They only slowly return after quitting and re-starting Mac Mail, its as though it thinks I have created the account from scratch every time.


Simon Wakelin

Seems I cannot locate some messages I have been sent, also sent mail seems to disappear at times... extremely frustrating.

Am on Lion 10.8.2 - anyone else experiencing this annoying issue??



Has anyone else had issues with the Mail program? At times it will not delete messages within a thread after the upgrade to Mountain Lion and also, it will add old emails to a current thread if they are from the same sender with the same subject, even after they have been deleted. This happens for mail that is many months or years old.

It seems like mail keeps a copy of all my old Gmail messages even after they are deleted from my iPhone or from the mail program, any way to stop this from occurring?


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