Mozilla Wasn’t Joking About Rapid Releases, Pushes Out Firefox 6



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I think that Mozilla should probably concentrate on making a faster and better browser thus eliminating the memory leaks....
I really see no purpose behind this policy!
A new major version every few weeks!
What's with that?
And what about all the 3rd party add-ons we use?
Possible incompatibilities between major versions with render them useless!
And i don't think that any third party developer would be able to keep up with such frequent major version releases!!!


Roger Workman

Geoduck: Firefox 4.x is obsolete. Your current options for up-to-date Firefox are 6.x or 3.6.x.

I would also like to give a shout out to the wonderful TenFourFox project, which has kept up with Mozilla's crazy version updates for the PowerPC platform, which Mozilla dropped support for after Firefox 3.6.x.



I think Firefox has made it clear Firefox is not about business. But I am not sure what its about at all anymore? You have Microsoft who can't hardly muster a new Internet Explorer every two years and Chrome will be up too version 100 in a couple years and Firefox seems to want to follow that lead. I just want them to have a good stable current version before moving on to something else? In my own opinion Internet Explorer does this the best. Safari is pretty good and even Chrome might have frequent updates but at least they fix things. That's more then I can say for Firefox.



If you support a business office this sucks.
All major software updates have to be tested with our vendors, banks, and other web sites before we can push it out to users. This takes a couple of weeks. Rapid major updates make a heck of a lot of work for us. So we're setting on 4.x until Mozilla gets off the stupid-train and lets something settle for a while. If they don't we'll just start looking for a browser from somebody else.

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