MSI Wind Driver Enables Netbook Hackers



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Just did an MSI Wind hackintosh dual-boot last week and have loved it. I did have an extra wireless card from an older MacBook that I installed that worked right out of the box. There are a few issues, but for $300, it's turned out to be a great investment. Quick directions on how to install: 1. You'll need a hackintosh disk designed for the MSI Wind, which can be found on the tPb. Please, have a real copy of OSX for support of the best OS out there.

2. Partition the HD via Disk Utility if you want to install XP too.

3. Do the OSX install

4. My Wind didn't do the 1024x600, but go to the MSI Wind fourm and search for the graphics drivers needed. Pretty cut and dry once found (which didn't take long).

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