Multitasking Confirmed for iPhone OS 4.0



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Think about it, the speed of the 3G is a lot slower than the 3Gs, also think abut the jailbreak factor as well, Jobs knows the 3G is easier to jailbreak than the 3Gs! With all the Api's that will be on display you can bet Jobs and company had that on their mind!


J Keirn-Swanson

that the older 3G iPhones can multitask the iPod software while going to Maps or Messages, but this kind of multitasking is just beyond the capabilities of the 3G?

 I wonder if this is just a ploy to get owners of older hardware to upgrade. After all, Steve did say: "Users of the older products are going to love the update too but miss out on some of the stuff like multitasking. And if that gets them to upgrade, that's terrific." If not a rat, I at least smell something rodential about that.



Have you ever tried to run a GPS app while just playing music through "iPod" on the iPhone 3G? The music often skips when the GPS starts to talk, and often the GPS talking skips, cuts in and out, or simply stalls and gives up. The processor power just isn't there (not to mention the battery life). In fact, I'm dubious the processor power is there on the iPhone 3GS. Hopefully there will be an "iPhone A4" this summer.



Welcome to billions of dollars just for implementing this!

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