My Frame Developer Emails Steve Jobs Over App Store Dispute



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What functionality or performance features are affected warranting a ban? The speculation about Apple releasing their own widget type system is plausible, one that I even hope rings true next year!



Imagine an app that allows you to have a totally different desktop look on the iPad, you know Apple is having none of that. I also agree that the app looks beautiful and it's a shame because the dev can not do anything about it because it is beautiful AND THERE IS REALLY NOTHING TO CHANGE. If they allow this app to pass through that would change the game for their own desktop look, therefore once again the need for "JAILBREAKING".



Okay, I am a developer myself, and I feel bad for this guy, I mean we spend a crap load of time and effort into making an app and this app, I was planning to purchase like tomorrow! Steve is very smart, and I totally give him credit, but this time he sort of... "screwed up"
This guy put a lot of effort into this and is making a great amount of money on this app, I feel sorry for ya man, real sorry, and steve, u made a mistake this time.

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