NBC Crawls Back to iTunes



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A young couple’s weekend getaway at a secluded mountain ranch becomes an unfathomable nightmare when they discover the truth about the caretaker.
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You absolutely can purchase all of the NBC shows in standard definition for $1.99 by clicking the "this show is available in standard definition as well" link under the "gift this show" link.



NBC doesn't get it. iTunes downloads only help their bottom line. The costs of posting to iTunes are extremely minimal so just about all revenue generated is gravy. That they pulled their shows to begin with shows how greedy they are. This was always about NBC trying to gorge themselves on this new found digital distribution.

Now they want to crow about how they made iTunes bow to their whims. That's hardly true as this article points out. Why are they being so pompous? Their attitudes don't encourage me to buy their product, they encourage me not to.

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