Net Neutrality: Follow the Money



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I would assume since we are in the grip of a need for such regulations there would be an ample supply of examples where ISPs have done exactly what Net Neutrality hopes to confine. I guess that part was edited out of Jon Stewart's 'News Reports for the Reality Challenged', as usual.

And far from being a monopoly, cable vs DSL vs satellite vs Wi-Max vs power lines vs Wi-Fi vs cell is lining up as the fight of the next decade because THAT is where a lot of money will be, so please drop the 'monopoly' myth. It is the cost of overbuild and power pole regulations that keep cable companies from expanding into other's markets.



Good, balanced article. The internet providers can talk all they want about how well internet access is doing, but two simple facts make me lean more against their arguments than in their favor: (1) the U.S. lags behind many if not most other western countries in broadband deployment and (2) ISPs tend to be near monopolies. Yes, you can choose between one DSL provider or one cable service (or satellite, which doesn't compete at the same level for internet), but where is the competition between cable companies within the same region? Mostly the U.S. is just carved into different territories and there's no true competition. The ISPs can argue that they've provided the infrastructure, but if they are in near-monopoly positions, then government regulation is warranted to protect consumers.  I prefer to use TiVo and Amazon/Netflix downloads rather than similar services from my cable company. I don't think anybody can seriously argue that the cable company makes it just as easy to use their competitors as it is to use their own services. Allowing throttling on a service-by-service basis is handing the ISP a knife to kill competitors.

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