Netflix CEO: “I Messed Up,” Messes Up Again By Splitting Off DVD Business as Qwikster



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Well it looks like Netflix has once again, I should say we'll once again screw us customers over. I spoke with the Netflix customer service rep earlier today about my accounts. I was trying to find out if they increase the number of simultaneously streams. I was told no you only allow one per account as of now. but Netflix will be introducing plans that will allow more multiple streams at one time. I responded back and said isn't this just great you got rid of the DVDs just to increase the price back up to the price of what DVDs with the streams pricing.



The Netflix letter claimed there would not be further price increases beyond those already announced. However, I'm including part of a reply I tried to send back, and yes, it got an "undeliverable" bounce as I suspected it would. There doesn't seem to be a way to send email to Netflix.

[Quote from Netflix letter:] "The benefits of our streaming service are really quite different from the benefits of DVD by mail."

[My response:] No kidding- the DVDs usually work; the streaming service, not so much. Constant "loading" pauses, lots of which never end, at least on my Roku ... and those of a lot of other Netflix customers.... [I included a link to a Roku forum as evidence.]

I should note, and have told Roku, that I've found this annoyance to be almost exclusive to Netflix streams. I rarely have a similar problem with Amazon Instant Video, even of the same movies/episodes.



This email would make sense if it was April 1st, but now one can assume that Netflix is run by idiots. It's a shame. Good luck, Reed, in your next job.



Somewhere in all this it must make sense to Netflix, or Qwikster, or whatever. What's the rationale? Seriously.



Do you think Qwikster will add streaming after Netflix is driven out of business? Maybe I'll sign up then, since I dropped Netflix after their last chucklehead move.



This actually isn't Reed's fault... it's this guy's fault:



They pushed out the Blockbusters and other local video rental places by under cutting them. Now that they've done that they're raising the prices. However, don't forget there's Redbox, Amazon streaming and other services hot on the heels of Netflix. With this terrible business strategy they could effectively eliminate their loyal customer base and reduce their own relevance to obscurity.

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