Netflix D-Day Arrives: Choose Your Plan



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With fast internet from my ISP:
Between start/stop of the movies while watching, the Sony EULA resign requirements (PS3) and netflix poor selection of downloadable movies, it's a no-brainer. GONE!

Thank you for the reminder!



Back in Jan 2011, my plan (for one blu ray out at a time plus streaming) went from $11.54 to $12.59 (9% increase). Just that change had me reconsidering my plan. Then when I heard they were going to change the pricing yet again (thus two pricing increases in less than a year), I decided to reduce my plan to just streaming. One thing these pricing plan articles leave out is the additional charge for choosing blu ray instead of regular dvd. So I think my plan was going up to $17.98 ($15.98 plus $2 surcharge). This represents a 43% increase over what I was paying in 2011 (a 56% increase over what I was paying just this past December). I'm still not happy with the selection of HD titles on the streaming plan, so I might decide to cancel Netflix altogether if I find I'm not really using the service.

Hopefully the word will get out, cause it's possible a lot of subscribers won't even notice their monthly, automatic payments have changed.



I already jumped ship and canceled my account. I found that crackle and hulu combined, give me what I need, and I haven't used netflix as much for the past 2 months.



You are a little incorrect in your post

It is true that this is the month that Netflix will be changing the pricing on their services.

Where you are incorrect is that you have until the day before you are billed to make the change to a different plan, if you are going to make any changes.

My billing date, for example, is the 25th. So I am going to change my plan on the 24th. This way I get my larger number of DVDs in the mailbox for a couple more exchanges before I drop to the lower number.

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