Netflix on the iPad? Not So Fast, According to CEO



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You made some good points there.I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.Thanks
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Out of the people I know, I don't know of ANY that are considering Netflix when considering their electronics purchases, most are thinking Blu-Ray but, only in the PS3 sense of it all, not for actually purchasing Blu-Ray movies, they are more than content with their Satellite/Cable subscriptions and having a hard time finding money to care about paying more than $1 for a movie, which they get from RedBox once in a while, when they feel they can "splurge". With the economy what it is, it's hard to find anyone who has the money to spend on electronics at this time. The only reason they are at all, is because they lost their rabbit eared TV's last year and now they are looking to go back to it again and dump cable and satellite, and then use AppleTV or their XBOX360's or PS3 to get what ever else they can afford to purchase media wise until they can get past this low point.



Getting Netflix streaming onto the big screen is totally the right thing for them to do - much larger market there. In the last 6 months, I know of about 15 people who factored Netflix streaming into their home electronics purchase (including myself). The do need to work on expanding the streaming content though - it's a little sparse IMHO.

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