Netflix May Soon Have Another Headache with Blockbuster and Dish Network



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As a DISH Network employee I would like to add a bit more insight to Blockbuster's and DISH Network promotion. The Blockbuster movie pass allows users to stream 3,000 movies to their TV and 4,000 to their PC plus a one disc rental at a time. The disc rentals include games, blu-rays, and DVD's and blu-rays are at no additional charge and they offer 3,000 of the latest games on PS3, XBOX 360, and Wii. New customers can get 12 months free streaming and 3 months free discs by mail.



Every company on the block has lined up to steal away Netflix's revenue in recent years and they all have failed miserably.
Blockbuster, Walmart, Amazon, Redbox, Hulu, etc.
Their customer base, revenue, and stock price continues to climb as each new "Killer" competitor jumps into the sector. Even with the recent drop-off, their stock is still up 450% over the last five years. Yes, that's slightly better than Apple, who was also supposed to steal all of their business away.
Some day, someone will knock them off, so I guess if "experts" keep predicting it, one of them will eventually be right. Then again, my broken clock is right twice a day; for what it's worth.

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