Netflix Price Increase Could Be Blamed on Hollywood



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This is NETFLIX fault and no other. They are going to lose this customer. Hulu, here I come.



WTF? Dude, duude, duuuude
Come on now. What Netflix dont know how to say no to them?
I do agree that there is more to this story but why pay more for less, unless they have yet to announce that new option like tv show available a week after first air, new releases within 15 days.. More mini series and first play to test the waters ( ok this last one is pushing it, but you see where I am going)



There is one key difference between Netflix streaming video and the "on-demand" services of Blockbuster and the cable companies: the other services charge on a per-video basis, with prices that are roughly equivalent to renting physical discs. Without the bonus material that you get on actual discs. By contrast, Netflix and Hulu Plus allow you to stream as much video as your bandwidth will allow for a flat monthly fee.

That per-video charge is why the studios will release movies earlier to those services than to Netflix. The average per-film gross is much higher for per-program rentals.



Not to mention the studios are just happy to get a cut on each of those rentals, which certainly differs from the margins they'd get from video stores (they'd make initial bulk sales, and then eventually nothing as the titles would then languish on the rack)



I really don't care who's to blame. Screw 'em all, I say.

Already I've almost entirely quit going to movie theaters, and when my Netflix bill goes up in September I'll most likely cancel that, too.

Thanks, Hollywood, for finally motivating me to read more; looks like I'll be spending a lot more time at my local library.



First I am not falling for this.

Look at all those on demand movies that are out... so really I don't think its just the studios, I feel its Netflix. Look at the selection for:
Fios on Demand,
Time Warner

you are telling me it is the film studios? if this was the case, the listed above would not have the selection that they have... streaming..

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