NetShare is Back



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they say they we're having communication issues and are working with Apple to resolve them.

I hope that is all it is.


Imagine Engine

I'm allowed to tether with my $30.00 6 GB data plan on Rogers HSPA/EDGE network. Problem is Apple appears to not want anyone to have this app which makes no sense since it doesn't harm the iPhone EDGE or iPhone 3G models. Apple can if they wanted to filter apps in the App Store based on country so they don't upset AT&T for their American customers who aren't allowed to tether on the iPhone. Apple is not just upsetting their developers but also their customers by censoring apps without any notification to either developer or their customers as to the reason why it was pulled. The NetShare app was available when I was at work but I was to busy to download it though I thought I would be able to download it after work. I was wrong in that assumption since Apple's goons monitoring the App Store pulled the app again. Actions such as this are contradictory to fair business practice and will leave customers with more reason to not buy from the App Store and instead hack their iPhones to use installerapp 4 when released.






It looks like apple pulled it again..... we can see it on the app store in canada but cant download it

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