New 13-Inch MacBook Pro Specs Leaked, Light Peak Arrives as Thunderbolt



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It looks like a picture of the 15 in macbook pro that someone edited the icon for the mini displayport in photoshop. It doesn't make sense to have firewire and lightpeak/ thunderbolt on the same laptop because if lightpeak is as described, it would be able to support usb, firewire, displayport, and lots of other things at the same time on one wire. I don't know what you think but it makes sense to me. Sounds like really neat technology. I hope it becomes a reality.



If that's a new port, what happened to the mini display port? I noticed firewire 800 port is still there so I'm not sure that this is the new lite Peak/thunderbolt port. Just a new icon for the mini display port.



yeah same here mine is only like 3. i hope the 15in has some better upgrades or i might just stick with my base model 13in.



Do I have to get a new Macbook now? mine is only 5 months old lol

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