The New AT&T Commercial Has Fish and an Orange Orb



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I for one love this advert. It is completely unique from the rest of advertising out there right now, wish I could watch more stories with less product during commercial breaks!

I think its also very unfair to call this a "blatant rip off"...what are the similarities? That there are 3d fish with big eyes??? I cant see one character that looks the same as anything in Finding Nemo, these guys look more fantastic where Nemo based their fish off of real species.

Plus I think it's more of a metaphor for the possibilities that exist when you are willing and courageous enough to expand the way you think, look beyond the small details and into the big picture. I'm guessing it has more to do with at&t wanting to express that maybe their coverage isn't the best, but they do a whole lot of other things too.



I like the commercial. Does it sell me on AT&T? The problem isn't how to expand your world. It's how to connect to it. If they want me to identify with the fish, then I guess I need to evolve a bit more to take advantage of that radiant and rapturous world. However, its quite possible that I will evolve legs faster than AT&T will get their network working. In fact, following this fish out of water theme, I've already got legs - I own an iPhone, a MacBook Pro, an iMac, two AppleTVs, an Apple Extreme, and four Expresses. My problem is that I'm breathing AT&T's hot air.

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