The New iMacs Are Here! The New iMacs Are Here!



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Robert Fernandez

I agree with you Abarb. It seems like Apple is trying to make everything slim. I am not happy with them removing the disc drive. Now you are going to have to buy another peripheral in order to watch movies that you may buy from the store.

I also want more memory and faster processors than the current line up.



I think it's absurd that the new, thin iMacs seem to be engineered for a "wow" factor for Apple, rather than any improvement in functionality for me. i'm looking at the front of my 2007 iMac, and it doesn't look thick or thin, because I'm LOOKING AT THE FRONT OF IT. I want to replace it because it's 5 years old, running Snow Leopard, and showing its age. I like having a disc drive because every now and then one needs to re-boot from a disc drive. I like being able to install RAM upgrades on my own because the prices of Apple memory are a standing, bad joke.

This is not the improvement that I was hoping for, that the iMac should look better from the side. I look at the front, and do my professional graphic arts work from the front. WTF?

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