New iPad Owners Whine About How Fast Streaming Video Gobbles Up 4G Data



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There are WAY to many uneducated people in this world!

If you bought a New iPad with 4G LTE (Like I did) and you don't understand that by having faster 4G LTE service you are going to blow through $30 of 2 or 3 gigs of data faster and a Meth Head could, than your first MP3 was probably a ZUNE!!

If you complain about it, again, your first MP3 was probably a ZUNE!!

also... IF you think having such a Beautiful screen AND higher video card ram specs AND 4G LTE wireless in a tablet with no mechanical cooling system doesn't come at a price equaling HEAT than your first MP3 was probably a ZUNE!!




Think carriers are concerned about their reputation? I think that ship sailed a long time ago.

Although I'm the last person to defend any carrier; complaining about this is a little like complaining to Porsche about your speeding ticket. I don't think it's that unreasonable to own some responsibility for how much one is downloading; doesn't make any difference if it's over dial-up or LTE.



As more and more devices get on the 4G bandwagon it is going to become inevitable that the carriers will have to bump up their current data allotted or move back to an unlimited option.

When you can go through a months data in a couple of hours, a $30 - $50 a month plan start to look ridiculous. The carriers can only nickle and dime so far until it starts hurting not just their business model but also their reputation. They need to start looking at the "E" part of LTE and evolve.

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