New iPhone and iPod touch Rumors; iPod to Get a Camera?



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Someone stole my 32 GB iPod Touch -- I understand this is happening more and more as thieves learn the value of these things (close to $400 of course). What I would like to see is a stolen Touch feature that would allow stolen touches to be unusable by anyone except the original owner or the transferee if sold, and also hopefully to allow identification of where it is at the moment if it is turned on of course. I told friends at the local Apple Store, but they said nothing could be done at present. And I would assume that the same feature could also apply to an iPhone for all features except the phone features, which can be turned off today, but maybe could be turned on again b a thieft I suppose.

As it is, I'm really torn to buy a new one immediately, over waiting until possibly September and buy the new model with a built-in camera, and who knows what other goodies. I used my Touch many times a day, and it will be hard for me to wait.

Charles Wilkes, San Jose, Calif.



you know there is that rumor out there that Apple bought a bunch of 10 inch screens, I would think if Apple made a tablet at the 10 inch size that could be used like a Kindle for reading books, students would love it, and then add a dock to attach a keyboard to make it work like a netbook, it could act as word processor for taking notes etc and surf the net, do email, and of course iTunes, it seems like that would create another dominance for Apple, they'd then have a dominance in music, video/movies/TV etc, electronic books, and in the netbook functionality...



I'm having pizza for dinner. Beyond that, I have no idea.

The touch is the platform for all new iPods. 64GB of SSM is probably the sweet spot for converting all models to the touch/iPhone. I'm certain that's the death knell for the classic, and we'll have to see about small form factors. Perhaps a full screen nano will survive; people will take it to the gym. I can't see it doing any more than the current nano, except the possibility of adding a camera. Apple can save a ton of development, manufacturing, and programming cost by going with just one platform.

The other benefit of the touch is that it can be (is?) Apple's answer to the netbook. It already does most everything these do, and it's a lot more portable. Add a dock connector and you've got a category killer. I might even be willing to buy an iPhone so I can be talking to you on my bluetooth while I show you the preliminary figures from last quarter.

Maybe I can see beyond dinner?

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