Kevin Rose Thinks He Knows.



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No way...

The only difference from the 2G Nanos is the tapered edges and elongated screen. I think it looks alright.

Apple has this sort of 'outer space' aesthetic qualities to some of their products now- just look at the UI of Leopard or the aluminum iMacs... TIME CAPSULE?

Then again... all of this is assuming that this rumor is true.


Ray Aguilera

I know a guy who knows a guy who says the Nano pics that are floating around ARE the correct form factor. He's got pics of his own, but I haven't seen them myself, unfortunately. But I've been told the source is credible... and isn't Kevin Rose.



this is not true at all that ipod looks "geto" and totally pointless



I don't think this is accurate. Mac|Life's reporting on it is great, but I hardly think what Kevin Rose is saying holds water. Sorry to be a hater, but I can't see why this is the only picture ever seen of it. If you remember with the iPhone 3G rumors, tons of images showed up, with only a couple being close to the real phone. ..::tbird::..

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