New Macbook Pros Support Booting From SD Slot



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Yes you can boot from an SD card, and thats totally awesome, don't get me wrong, but why would you want to?
I would rather have a 16- or 32-gig SDHC backup of the important stuff. ie: my documents, photos, videos, and application settings than my OS... My OS is on a DVD somewhere in its original Leopard box tucked away in a closet with all the other DVD's and boxes that my applications have come in.

But then again, thats just me... maybe there is someone out there who would want their entire OS on a SDHC card to carry with them.



I agree that makes sense but my important documents take up more than 32 gb but I rarely ever need more than 16 gb to run Windows. I instead back up to an external HD at home via Time Machine. Usually a once a day backup is all I need but then again couldn't you have two SD cards one for backup and one for an OS.



I was really wanting this feature for Boot camp but I forgot that Windows still doesn't know about modern drivers and booting. It's kind of sad that the majority of 64-bit computers still operate with a 16-bit bios. Thanks Microsoft for staying true to your roots by never advancing past them. Yeah who needs more than 128k anyway?


Dave in Kauai

Does this offer any advantage over a thumb drive? Those things are dirt cheap and come in their own chocolate-y protective coating.

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