New York Times Shifts Focus from China to Apple's U.S. Retail Workers



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This is typical of entry level retail. Look at any big profitable company and you'll find people earning minimum at the bottom. Think ExxonMoble pays EVERYONE $20/hr or more? Think Berkshire Hathaway does? No, there are higher level skilled jobs and there are low paying entry level jobs and the people at the bottom just scrape by. I used to work for a call center. Top management got paid VERY well. I was in the middle and was comfortable though it was tight and my wife had to 'unretire' and take a job to keep a roof over our head. The poor schleps manning the phones got minimum, no paid lunch, and as nearly all of them were part time, no benefits. Fair? What's fair got to do with it, it's business and that's the way it is.

This is why I do not read the NYT: bias always wins out over facts.



Why is this even a story! I work at a gas station night assistant manager making $10.39 a hour cleaning up after people, and yes that includes vomit!! If you don't like it you go work elsewhere, simple as that. I hate the fact that people feel entitled so much these days! Live within your means and this won't be a big deal, but stop pretending that everybody is entitled to $15+ per hour!



So, somebody at the NYT has a jones for Apple, hey?

They best know where the line is that they CANNOT step over before a building happens to fall on them... Apple is a patient giant sometimes, but when you awake the slumbering behemoth, you're usually done.



I worked at Apple as a Genius for three years and this article was very accurate. I loved working for Apple.

However, the problem is that people think that the "corporate" part of the company is mixed with the Apple Store part of the company and it is not. Nobody gets more let down or confused by this than the people who are "higher up" in the Apple Store world. There are people who are in management who think that they are going to show up in Cupertino, or technicians who think that they will be designing operating systems. There is a very large divide between the corporate world and the retail world. Now, I am no business insider, but that would make sense as to why their retail employees are not paid as much. Retail is not Apple as people seem to think of it.

Having said that, I think that Apple allowed me to stand side by side with some of the finest people I have ever worked with and those people deserve a raise...and a big one.



Don't forget about the Apple Care phone support agents. They make between $10.50 and $12.50 an hour, depending on the level of support they provide.

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