New Yorker Claims iTunes Double Billing, Seeks Class Action Lawsuit



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Over a hundred billion dollars in the bank, and they refuse to give refunds. I got a refund for an album a couple weeks ago, but they won't give a refund for a single song? Sounds like bull to me.



Wasn't it also a New Yorker that is suing because Siri can't understand him?

I have a few duplicates but no big. It's either been my mistake or I got two albums with the same song on them. Frankly for a buck and a quarter and a bit it isn't worth more than a single "damn" before you
f u g g e t t a b o u t i t.



What the heck is with Mac|Life Spam Filters? My previous post triggered the Spam Filter. I had to add spaces in f u g g e t t a b o u t i t but "damn" went through without an issue?


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