New Zealand Father/Son Team Recover Stolen iPad with Help of Find My iPad



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We had a similar situation just a couple weeks ago. My daughter noticed her iPhone was gone when she got home one evening. I was out of the country and her father had already turned in, so when she called me in the morning I logged into Find My Phone using her iCloud account from half way around the world and we found out it was only about 0.5 mile away from her. She waited til her father woke up and they went to the home where the phone was located (a Ping and message had failed to get a response so far). When they arrived at the home, I could see the phone moving all the sudden. The man who had the phone I guess had taken off when he heard them arrive asking for the phone. He finally called the number back from the message we had sent, and started asking questions, supposedly to affirm that was really my daughter's phone. He then told her to meet him at a certain location about 20 mins south of where they were. I told my daughter that he had *actually* gone north about 5 mins...of all places TO A CHURCH! Through a spectacularly orchestrated plan (

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