SATA Speeds Slower on New MacBook Pros



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I was lucky to get a 17" MBP with a 256gb SSD in April 2009, no complaints. My daughter was planning on getting the 15" with a SSD but now we are going to wait.I would like to see MacLife run an article of reviews, test and comparison of SSD's v HDD advantages & disadvantages of the two. Another article can review & compare of the available SSD's; Although SSDs do not have any moving parts, I read that they lose performance with time and heavy use--is this true? Also does the software for HDDs for optimization, file recovery, fixes and defragmentation work on SSDs?--if not, why. I have also read that SSDs will read and write faster on PC than on Snow Leopard--true?Hope Apple makes a fix on this as SSDs seem to be the future when prices come down and capacity increases.



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I thought I had read when the MacBook Air came out--perhaps even in Mac|Life--that SSDs killed traditional hard drives in the realm of random-access reads and writes (since there is no head to move) but *lost* to traditional hard drives when it came to pure sustained read/write speed. Now this article is saying that the drop to 1.5Gbps (sustained transfer speed) won't hurt hard drives but will hurt SSDs. That's conflicting information with what I've read before--unless SSDs have MASSIVELY improved their data transfer speeds since the MacBook Air came out. So, who's correct?



As much as that sucks for the new users, it does make me feel a little bit better about getting my unibody MB back in November last year.



yup they just post a potential costumer right here

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