Next-Gen iPhone to Receive 3.2-Megapixel Camera?



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Imagine Engine

It's possible Apple wants to release various models to meet the budget needs of various consumers. One with a tight budget looking for the iPhone but doesn't need state of the art and the other one that can afford all the bells and whistles in their new smartphone. Example the low end model could offer 3.2 MP camera, no front video call camera, offer HSPA but no WIFI, have 16 GB storage and be offered in either black or white. The higher end model could offer a 5 MP camera with flash, front video call camera, HSPA, WIFI, 32 GB storage and be offered in various colors.



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Roberto Baldwin

That's the worst thing I've ever done. I'm ashamed as a Mac nerd.:(

I hope Clarus forgives me. 

My excuse, I didn't have my morning Red Bull.



Shouldn't that read dogcows?

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