No More Hulu on Boxee - Content Providers Force Pulling of Boxee Support



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NBC what are you doing! first you moved many of your shows around so I couldn't keep track of the time slots. then you move from itunes where by the way is where my wife and I fell in love with "heroes" and then you pulled from itunes and know you pull away from what galls you guys have. stop destroying your own products example it not that people did not like "30 rock"  the show was near the edge of the cliff many times it's because you moved the show so many times and by the way I once again fell in love with 30 rock and then the big let down. Want to control bootleg material ? allow boxee to continue on it's path, ah this is called progress. The great thing about boxee is that I can see older shows my mother in law asked me the other day how far does the shows go back I took it back to "love BOat" and "the rockford files" she was like "It's this tv " I said no it's BOXEE. and best of all it doesn't suck up my hard drive so I don't download nothing I just new favorite at the moment is "American Dad" what a show but I can't stay up to watch it you now working father NBC reconsider last move.

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