No Relief For AT&T In Opening Salvo With Verizon



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If they only had that good of coverage, Verizon deserves suing... by it's own customers for misleading advertisements, as well as bait and switch, and outright lying to their customers! I happen to know that a lot of this area doesn't get any service by Verizon as noted by their customers, whom are mostly kids, who end up dropping them to get AT&T phones. Their "red" map is an outright lie, I hope AT&T sticks it to them and proves their maps are false representations of their services.



When I got the iPhone, I was very pleased with its functions. It could do so much. However, AT&T's service is terrible in my area, so I can't make phone calls very efficiently. I still have the iPhone, but I cancelled the AT&T service and got a simple Verizon cellphone. So much happier making calls on that Verizon cellphone.



With all the money they're wasting in lawsuits, they could instead use that money to make their network better. I absolutely LOVE the iPhone, but I absolutely dislike AT&T. They're simply not good in my area. I have so many dropped calls while my Verizon friends have no issues at all.

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