No Siri, No iCloud, No Dropbox? Working at IBM Must Be Horrible



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I am an IBM employee who uses all Apple products (Mac Air, iPhone, and iPad) for doing business there. It is true that they are my own personal products and it's my choice to use them over the traditional Lenovo ThinkPad.

I just wanted to clear up that IBM has an internal Apple Products program and employees of IBM can access their email, the company Intranet, etc. from their Mac, iPad, or iPhone. They are also beginning to offer Macs to those who request it.

IBM also has Mac versions of Lotus Notes as well as other internal java based programs for employees. IBM supplies Mac based employees with everything they need - with the exception of the actual hardware (for now).

Also - IBM does not lock down the phones. Siri and all other iPhone/iPad/Mac OS functions work as designed by Apple. The only exception is the requirement of a very strong password on the devices as opposed to the "out of the box" 4 digit password.



I believe, if an IBM employee does not need these services while working in office - this should not be a problem, unless an employee owned device is preconfigured by IBM IT dept. and the services are not accessible during off office time as well.
However, if IBM is so paranoid about security it should ban more services, including SMS, Messages etc. as ones definitely store its contents on some servers.

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