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I have been without visual voicemail for around a month. It worked for the first month I had the Iphone4 then ceased displaying messages that had been left for me. People can still leave me messages I just get no notification of it.

Unlike a number of the respondents I don't get the notification late, it never comes. My experience is similar to DandyDX. And as usual ATT has no way to fix the problem. Yet the find a way to take my $165/month for their crappy service, without fail.



There are two ways of retrieving your voicemails; one is through SMS alerts on your mobile phone and secondly by dialing your freephone number. The first method is a very convenient way as you get an alert as soon as there is a voicemail in your inbox. However there is cost involved to it which depends on your service provider. The second option is cost free and can be done anytime anyplace.

There are again two ways of retrieving your voicemails by dialing your 0800 Numbers, 0845 Numbers or 0844 Numbers.

The first method is to call your freephone number and follow instructions that will take you to voicemail inbox and enter your mailbox password. Again follow instructions and get access to your voicemails. This method is time consuming as you will have to check inbox of every destination in your hunt group individually.

The second method is to directly get access to voicemail. You will need the caller route feature and select a phone number which you would be calling to for voicemail. Add this number to Caller Route. Then feed in the number that you will use to retrieve voice mails. You may then point out this number to your voicemail box to get direct access to inbox. This is a onetime task, after which it’s relatively faster and easier to retrieve voicemails. After this task I done, calling your freephone number from the specified caller route number will put you directly to your voicemail inbox.



I've also had a couple of voice mails arrive a few days late, although most of my voicemails arrive promptly when they are supposed to. I have also this problem with text messages a couple of times, although again, it works well most of the time. Seems to be an isolated problem, but it's aggravating when that message you didn't get was extremely important. I just hope that if Apple does ever drop AT&T for Verizon or T-Mobile or whatever, that they will make it easy for iPhone users to switch as well.



Yes, it happens to me too. But it takes at least 1hour.
And I still don't believe why internet tethering is not available, when internet is available in the own phone. And I also heard that AT&T is going to charge extra for that & for MMS! I really hope AT&T LOSES THEIR CONTRACT WITH APPLE. AT&T DOESN'T HAVE THE CAPACITY FOR SO MANY iPhones.



I regularly get VVM days late and texts arrive up to an hour late. I use my cell phone as my office phone; and although my iPhone and a few choice apps allow me to manage my business from anywhere; the quality of AT&T's network coverage is world-leading worst. I'm considering getting a Verizon account, so I have a dependable cell phone; and keep the iPhone for personal calls.
I switched to AT&T just to get an iPhone...and will switch to ANY other carrier the day I can use my iPhone elsewhere. Not only does AT&T appear to be inept and clueless; they appear to not care.



I will say this about ATT, they do call back to follow up on this problem with me. That is where my compliments end.

My iPhone has been operating "sans VVM" for over a month. My iPhone cannot access the VVM servers at all. What exacerbates the situation is that there is no way of noticing that you have voice mails, I must manually check them throughout the day. This is not good.

The best thing you can do is be open about the problem and throw more resources at it to fix the bug.



I'm having the same problem here at home in Colorado Springs and when I travel around to different parts of the country -- which is weekly. Sometimes my voicemail is hours late, and a few times it's come the next day. My SMS messages are sometimes very delayed too.

I'm finding that I can't rely on my phone for my mission-critical communication anymore -- and the iPhone isn't the problem, it's AT&T. I can't wait for Verizon to get the iPhone...


Phoneguy Smitty

Hello T-Mobile, Verizon & .......sprint. That deal with the goons @ AT&T has to be brought to a halt.
If you cant even get the basic features of a flagship product to work. What good are you.



I have not even bothered to call AT&T because it is useless. I go through periods, especially whenever I travel, when I do not receive vital voicemail until I return HOME. Unacceptable and I will be moving on whenever i can.



I'm having long delays getting my visual voicemails. I live in the San Jose, CA area and have waited several hours before receiving a visual voicemail. This is unacceptable when there is vital information that needs to be passed on when e-mail or SMS would not be appropriate. I have never had this problem until a few weeks ago, what's going on? AT&T doesn't offer certain services for the iPhone so their ploy is to divert our attention to the even more basic features that don't work properly.I've had AT&T for over 10 years now and I'm ready to switch!

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