Nokia Shows Off Bravado...By Slamming Apple



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When a company starts tooting their own horn like this and saying they're the leader while playing catch-up it's a sure sign they're in decline. Microsoft has done this for years. Now Nokia is following suit. If you're really a leader then there's no need to make such baseless claims. At one time Betamax was the leader in home video too. Where are they now? If Nokia stays on the path they're on they'll be joining them in the waste bin of technology companies gone by.



"One more thing," he said, before speaking about Nokia's new N8 device: "They perform - day in, day out - no matter how you hold them."

Horse shit, I have a Nokia Surge and in it's manual there specifically states how NOT to hold it! Let's not forget the amount of dropped calls I've been getting since switching to the Surge from the 6301 or the crashes it keeps doing!

He also claimed that, "Ovi Maps provides walking navigation that Google Maps does not."

Horse shit again, I have Google Maps installed on my Surge, since day one, and I have been using walking directions since then!

"The reality is that Nokia invented the smartphone."

That's why Palm has won ALL of it's patent disputes for creating the FIRST smartphone against Blackberry?!?



To me, it sounds as if a certain Finnish company is banking on their previous success and they're also a bit green with envy.

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