Nokia vs. Apple - Sour Grapes Lawsuit?



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Nokia just mad because their phone don't sell like the iPhone does, plus their high end phone such as the Nokia N98 are way over price.



Why would Nokia do this? It makes no sense. I doubt they can win against Apple. And this is no coincidence. Don't tell me that they didn't see this as an opportunity BEFORE they lost money. Oh well. Apple will come out on top. And Mac|Life, can you get a scoop on the Droid? Its really attacking the iPhone and its faults with its "iCant" ads, and would be great if you would review it (like the Palm Pre) when it comes out. Though I doubt it will even compare to the iPhone.



Nokia has no need to sue every other mobile manufacturer because all but a few have reached agreement with Nokia on licensing the use of the patented technology. Only a few, including Apple, have not yet done so and Apple refuses to discuss licensing - so Nokia filed action.

Nokia legally owns those patents and has done for some time and this is accepted throughout the industry. If Apple wishes to use technologies covered by those patents they need to reach a licensing agreement with Nokia for use of its Intellectual Property. That's the law - it's plain and simple.


Smitty Black

then that means they should be suing every mobile maker then. thats very broad of them.

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