Non-Macworld Guide to San Francisco



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I would recommend Fireside on 18th in the Castro. Excellent rotisserie chicken and can get a whole one with 4 sides for a reasonable price for 4 people. Check out other places in the Castro for good eats. Harvey's on the corner of 18th and Castro has good american/bistro style food and drinks. Cove Cafe on Castro near Market is american/mediteranean. Good food and reasonable. Catch on Market near Castro is good seafood and middle priced. Home on Maket at Church is very good and moderately priced.


Zack Stern

What? That's the sketchy Vietnamese place I go sometimes before improv shows.

Also, good picks, Susie!


Ray Aguilera

Tu Lan! Best hole-in-the wall Vietnamese food in the city. If it was good enough for Julia Child, it's good enough for anyone. Just don't sit at the counter, where you can see into the "kitchen."

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