Norton Identity Safe Takes on 1Password, Free Until October 1



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I already have 1Password in my iPad, iPhone, Windows PC and Mac.
It took a time for them to integrate all browsers and platforms/devices with a single database.
What should motivate me to switch to Norton?
What would be the advantages of each one?



It seems to work only on both US iOS App Store and Mac App Store. Not available to download on Argentinian App Store....



It's really sad to see what Symantec has done to the Norton's brand.



You know, I appreciate letting us know something new is out and its free...
I even fell for the "it's free, let me look into this since 1password is $50"
Did you guy bother to try the desktop version or the mobile version before posting this?
I would guess No.

Under the mac app store, it receiving horrible reviews from not working with certain browsers, to it just doesn't work at all. Also for it to work on your mobile device, you have to use Nortons web browser, can't use Safari that came with your iPhone or it simply doesn't function.

On the desktop, it kind of works the same way, you have to go to the site via Norton first? ( the desktop version never made to the hard drive after reading the first page of really bad reviews. )



Based off of your last paragraph, you sound like you are sarcastic about it helping much. How would you rate it compared to 1password, if you gave both up to 5 stars?

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