Not Crazy About the Name “Siri”? Neither Was Steve Jobs



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"the things he did in his life made a resounding impact on the world "

Oh really? Sounds like you're just repeating what you've read in some fanboy mag. Let's see.. the truth is the so-called 'impact' you talk about is helping more people be more distant and selfish than ever. No one needs to walk around with a phone or camera 24/7. No one needs to take pics of what they're about to eat or give every mundane detail of their life to strangers via these iToys. You may feel the opposite is true but that's because you fell for the slick marketing and nothing more.

By the way Jobs was nothing but a great marketer/sales man. A marketer that took the credit of other's ideas. Even Ive says so.



Yes the stories are true that he treated people like crap.. Parked in handicapped spots.. Did not give to charity and overpriced the toys you all bow to daily here. Nothing new here folks.



First there's conflicting evidence of rather he did or did not give to charity. However the things he did in his life made a resounding impact on the world and Apple is a big product (Red) supporter. On another note, why does it matter? I never heard of a rule that says you "have to give to charity!" Sam Walton and Wal-mart didn't give to charity until the last 5 years of Sam's life, and that's because Mr. Walton didn't want to be in the charity business.



They should allow us to set personalized names for Siri. Have the app itself called Siri, but let the user change the voice command name to whatever we feel appropriate...

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