Nuance Unveils Dragon Dictate for Mac 3



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I naively trusted... Don't make the same mistake.
Recently installed Dictate 3:
- Destroyed a perfectly good working MBP
- Without running Dictate, MBP lasts no longer than 15 minutes before crashes
- Starting Dictate causes MBP to freeze 50% of the time
- Installation of Dictate 3 blew away the 2.0 profile, so I have to re-train Dictate 3
- Dictate 3 does not recognise the microphone recognised by the previous version
- Requires use of the built-in mic that's on the MBP itself (does not recognise any other device, even though the OS does)
- Retraining would be lovely, if that was even possible
- Does not succeed in vocabulary training (will not actually succeed in loading a text file)
To top it off, I could not even register on their support site, as the serial number I received with purchase is declared as "invalid'.
I'm not even sure they tested this product.
0 out of 5 stars. Worst product experience ever.

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