Obama vs McCain: Who’s Got More Tech Cred?



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You forgot to highlight the Obama '08 iPhone app that is GREAT and FREE.



I was really looking forward to reading this article when I saw it on the contents page. The candidates have been making incredible use of technology, including: 1) Twitter to keep supporters updated and alerted to events. 2) Text messaging and email in order to build mailing lists to ask for support in various forms. 3) Phone bank operations in the comfort of your own home guided by a step-by-step process on the candidate's website, which provides information needed to set up additional contacts, rides to the polls, etc. 4) An official iPhone application (for the Obama campaign). 5) Text message/email announcement of Obama's VP pick. 6) How Twitter can barely handle the traffic it receives during the debates. And what about the mash-ups Twitter The list is very long and interesting so imagine my surprise when the article was barely one page and didn't even begin to touch on how technology is playing a part in this race. I think you missed an opportunity here and I would love to see an expanded article.

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