Octogenarian Outwits Dr. Evil, Wants One Meel-yon Dollars for Walking Into Apple Store Glass



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I had written a massive rant here. Then I decided it was just as easy to say:

Really? I mean... Really?

Look at the storefront using the link... How can you not think that this is anything but glass.


Susie Ochs

I'm young and I've crashed into glass doors before. Never at a store, only in people's homes. Did I sue my friends? No, I took it as a sign that I need to WATCH WHERE I AM GOING and PAY BETTER ATTENTION. I wonder if she would have sued a dollar store that had a glass door and shallower pockets than Apple.

You think this'll get thrown out? Or will they just settle to make it go away?



My hope is that it'll get thrown out, but I'm sure there are pasts of this case we don't know about that might have a baring on the case.



BTW, this is actually very different from the lawsuit with McDonalds. That case involved criminal negligence on the part of the staff of McDonalds, who deliberately and consistently ignored safety standards setup in the proper handling of the coffee maker. Essentially super heating the coffee, in order for it to taste fresher longer, and therefore save money on brewing coffee by throwing out stale coffee less often. The woman received 3rd degree burns over her entire pelvic region because that McDonalds wanted to save a couple extra dollars on coffee.

Where as this is an unfortunate accident that befell an older woman, and most likely led by a lawyer seeking a big payoff. I hate that she broke her nose, but it sounds more like she needs an eye exam.



The doors have handles. They're not completely invisible. Maybe she should have her eyes checked. As for her breaking her nose, well she's old and things break a lot easier when you're old.

Hopefully Apple can keep this from going to trial where she'd play the sympathy card.



:P You can't cure stupid...



I'm 71 and 50% disabled from military service, I'm sorry that the lady smashed her face, but the problem is her's not Apples, sounds like lawyer greed.

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