OLED Netbook Rumors Shine Brightly on the Internet



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I would most certainly, however it would not make sense to sell iPhone at $700 no commitment price and actual computers for $300 less. However if this was to come true, I would be in those pics on the apple site of first-day-on-sale-buyers!



Macbook Net for 400 dollars. Hell Yeah I would buy it.



I would love to see a larger iPod Touch that I would consider similar to a netbook. Large enough to have plenty of memory and speed for running a full OS and software, but smaller than the MacBook Air. Much smaller. Something on the order of 5" by 8".

I would use this while traveling and especially for teaching - giving Keynote presentations with the ability to write on screen (and, obviously, put out a video signal) would be fabulous.

Maybe this would be a small market - too large for a pocket, but too small for a keyboard. But I think Apple is really going to push the touch interface in the future (look at all the gestures accepted on trackpads now). If Apple doesn't think netbooks are up to snuff, why not think different?



i really want to buy a new MacBook Pro but all the rumors going around make me want to wait, will it be in june or the normal september notebook refresh, and can i wait that long. I would so buy a Mac Netbook but I'm an IT guy so I'm better off with a MacBook Pro for home and a Windows Netbook for work, and yes yes i know i can run windows on a mac, but it feels so dirty.



I don't think anyone should buy a netbook as any sort of primary computer...unless I guess parents buying them for children. But they are extensions of people's larger computers. I would just use one for taking around anywhere, because my 15" macbook pro is heavy



If the Macbook Nano, or Net, or Mini, or Air2 or whatever they choose to call it is sold for $400 i'd be all about that. I imagine it would be more like $650 and range up to about $899 for a top spec version...and that's expensive, but inbetween normal netbooks and the sony Vaio P series, which is why I think an Apple netbook would fit there nicely



As long as it can do the usual online stuff, including play some basic games smoothly (Dinomyte from PopCap) then I'll probably get the wife one. Her 12" Powerbook G4 just doesn't quite cut it anymore.



I would rather save up the money and buy a real Macbook instead of a water downed version. Apple makes incredible products that are well worth the money.



If anyone from Apple is reading this, please do, that would be awesome!!!

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