Open Source Protest to Invade the Apple Store



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An appointment with the Genius Bar isn't free. It's not even cheap. You need a credit card to book the appointment if you haven't paid for a service agreement.
What answers do you expect to get from a branch level employee? You did say Genius Bar didn't you, not Corporate Executive Bar. The only answers you are likely to get is the employee's name and how much you are being billed.
You also realize that if this story is bogus; Roberto, you are the ass.


Roberto Baldwin

First of all, you bring up very valid points about Genius Bar reservations.

But to say that I'm an ass if the group is bogus is incorrect. If the group, or their mission, is bogus and I've reported on it, that makes me an idiot, not an ass.

I just wanted to set the record straight!



Some people have waaaaaaay too much free time. That's just stupid.



This is probably the most idiotic idea I've heard in a while...

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