OS X 10.5.6 Update Invades Software Update



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Serious . Thnx for the article.




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Mario sarrica

You need to contact apple support
you are having a problem I had several like your.
In the end the computer may need to be replaced.


Mario sarrica

Hi macbook update
I had several problems with updates for my macbook to
the point I could not do any! The whole computer would freeze
and I would have to take the battery out for it
to unfreeze! This is no joke 7 macbooks later , 7 in one year! All with the same issue!
I also had them do a 700.00 repair and it still went flat!
The gang at the apple store were nice enough to
hand me a new macbook pro free!!!! I dont reco anyone buying a macbook
They are junk or the were, not sure how the new model runs.
You have a year from apple coverage have them put what you paid
which is what 1,500.00 towards a pro they are night and day !
I actually look forward to updates!!! and this thing is a quiet as a mouse!!
The best laptop I have ever had and I have tried them all.



The update for my PB G4 (5 yrs. old) clocks in at 377MB. Wish I could get by with the the 190MB. Oh, well.



Macbook less than 6months old downloads the update, restarts, then freezes solid 45 seconds into the "Installing one item" - forced to reboot. Have let it sit for over an hour each time (x2).



i repeatedly get, before the mac actually restarts but when its installing and verifying, a message saying 'cannot verify, please contact software provider'. I have a two year old white macbook which is currently running 10.5.5. any ideas or help would be appreciated.



It appears that the update is 190MB for everyone but the new unibody macbooks

my G4 mini is 190

my Macbook Pro 2.5 Penryn is 190

my new macbook pro is 377


Roberto Baldwin


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