OS X's Market Share Has Increased to 8.2%



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i think that they can receive a higher increase in the next 2 more years if they had sort of like an interesting hook or ad. Something that will draw viewers attention. And at that, something for people of all age. But what do i know. Im just a kid.



There is one mis-leading component to these stats and that is the fact that MS 'owns' the business sector, which is less inclined to change platforms or much of anything for that matter. But, my guess is that this is only temporary. What I would like to see is what is the market share if the business sector is dropped from the picture? Seems like a lot of consumers are fed-up with the MS way, and the MS ads only shows MS's desperation at retaining their market share. Furthermore, if Apple does drop prices Oct14, then we may very well see a 10% market share by year end.

Finally, I keep and watch the stats on my site religiously co-bw.com, and have noticed a couple of things going on the past year. First, IE is loosing its dominance and Firefox is making a run for it. Second, the Mac OS market share on my site has increased far more than 8%...it averages about 25%...but, I only appeal to consumers and not the business sector. This month is the first time (granted only three days into it) that Mac has had more browsers than Windows on my site. Personally, it is nice to see some change and I only hope that it continues its upward spiral.

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