Overnight Recap: iTunes 11.1.5, More AT&T LTE, Aperture Performance Boost



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Ditched the home phone years ago. And haven't missed it.

This past weekend, both my computer and my cellphone bricked. My son said, "Bet you wish you had your landline now." I confidently replied, "Not a chance — why would I pay for home phone service for a once in a decade emergency?" — an emergency that was not an emergency, by the way. So, I'm isolated from the internet until the Mac gets repaired, or I can't make a call until the phone is back on (which it was immediately the next day, restored from my work computer) — big deal! How many times during the reign of landlines were we down FOR DAYS at a time, due to weather conditions, lines being down, etc.??

I'm fine without a landline, thank you very much!



I would expect something like this from a company whose entire business is VoIP. They're not selling mobile phones and if they were, the graphic would likely be different. In my experience, most folks now have a cell phone and no longer need to keep a landline phone as well. They fail to mention on this graphic that if your internet connection suffers from an outage, you're wonderful VoIP phone is also useless. In that case having a non-VoIP phone (POTS) would be preferred even over their own service.

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