Overnight Recap: Schmidt Declares Victory, Redbox Instant by Verizon Details



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It appears there was a quick fix to that redbox article. What came over the RSS feed read $8 per night, but when I clicked through to the website, it had been corrected to $8 per month.



So Wich is it $6 or $8, two different prices listed. Should the article show what the title advertises? Or has there just been allot of careless publishing lately. Like the free screen sharing app for all iOS devices a couple weeks ago. What was that app? Oh ya Air Display free for ipad only.



And how are you winning? android has over 600 unique devices active every quarter just to get more marketshare then 1 iPhone per year! thats 24000 android devices to 1 iPhone (3 if you include the older 2,) how is that winning? also where do developers make money? Hint: Not Android (people don't want to pay for anything)

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